Prism Arts Studio Theatre – in verse!

20th August 2014

Prism Arts Studio Theatre

A couple of our Studio Theatre West participants from Cockermouth School have written poems about their experiences working with Prism Arts: the noise, the bustle and the art!


Prism Arts

Walking into the room I think it was spectacular.
And it was good seeing all the models being painted.
And it was hard working seeing the people working on the figures.
And it was fun using the dragon and the dolphin.
It was a bit noisy but it was still great.
It was all cheerful and had very good designing.


Prism Arts

The environment was all but calm,
Peaceful and relaxing.
It occasionally gets a bit noisy
Whenever there was shouting for quietness.

All the people had a good, cheerful,
Nice and very friendly nature.
The place comes alive
With all our hard working lives.

Whenever we become busy,
The atmosphere becomes spectacular.
Materials, textures and patterns.
All are vibrant and colourful.

All are co-operative
In terms of teamwork.
Designing some puppets and a dragon
Makes us all happy.

Making and filming
Is all fun and expressive.
Wherever there is lots of activity,
There is always freedom from boredom.

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