Vision / Mission & Diversity Statement

Mission Statement

Prism Arts exists to support and enable excluded groups in Cumbria to realise their creative potential and celebrate their experience through active participation in and exploration of the arts.

Diversity Policy Statement

Prism Arts welcomes diversity as part of our belief that “arts are for everyone”. A better understanding of people’s differences helps us to appreciate and value everyone’s contribution, and recognise that we are all an integral and invaluable part of our Society.

Everyone has the right to be treated with consideration and respect. Our organisation is committed to achieving a truly inclusive environment for all, by developing better working relationships that release the individual’s full potential and creativity in an atmosphere where everyone can learn and work free from prejudice, discrimination, harassment and violence.

Prism Arts aims to support and engage with individuals who have a learning or physical disability, or who are older members of our society experiencing isolation or age related and health problems.

Prism Arts aims to ensure that all staff, volunteers, partners, clients, artists and the general public are treated fairly, this is of sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marital or civil partnership status, race (including colour, nationality, ethnicity, or national origin), disability, medical status, age, religion or belief, political opinion, social or economic or ex-offender status.

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