Testimony from Starfish Theatre Company Member, Cheryl

2010 “The group met regularly each Thursday at the Tithe Barn in Carlisle. As a result we have all gained our confidence and enjoyed the sessions. We have produced three pieces of work: Time Team which was a history of Cumbria; The Big Daddy Show which was a mixture Poetry, Workshops for children and music; Pilot Workshops for Beaumont College Students and Mother Goose Nursery. Starfish has helped me a lot as I have been able to use my skills and have taken on more responsibilities. For example I am going to Direct the next production of the Mystery Folks Tale [The Haunted Trees], where I have completed the script writing for the production and I am very excited about this. The production will be completed later at Christmas”

2011 “I am very proud of all my achievements. Writing the script for the last production, The Haunted Trees was great.” I would like to do more film making, animation, drama and music and administration, devising and leading more workshops for children”

(Starfish Theatre Company Member and Prism Arts Volunteer)

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