Solway Wetlands

Prism Arts creates Solway Wetlands creatures for Tullie House and the Solway Wetlands project:

An exciting project in partnership with Tullie House and Solway Wetlands has led to the creation of three unique and exciting creatures:

  1. The Natterjack Toad: the smallest but noisiest toad around. Cumbria’s Solway Coast is fortunate to have one of very few breeding sites for this rare creature. If you need to identify one, look out for the yellow stripe down its back.
  2. The Lapwing, which doesn’t initially look a very colourful bird. However, once it takes flight, it shimmers with iridescent glory. (It also has an orange bottom.)
  3. The Common Hawker: this fascinating creature used to be known as a Sedge Darner, because people believed that it would sew your eyes shut if you fell asleep next to a patch of sedge. (It would also sew up the lips of children who told too many lies!)

How they have been made:

Three artists (Marion Smith, Helen Walsh and Ali McCaw) have been working with groups of adults with learning disabilities at Heathlands Farm and Carlisle Day Services (Carlton Centre, Time Travellers and Denton Woodcraft).

The groups went out to visit the Solway Wetlands site, and subsequently used dry willow and felt to make larger than life interpretations of the creatures.

Tullie House and the Solway Wetlands will take ownership of the creatures from the end of October, and they will be on display at the Solway Wetlands Learning Resource Building at Campfield Marsh.

Check out our facebook gallery for more photos of the Solway Wetlands project here.

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