Carlisle Puppet Pageant


Prism Arts Puppet Pageant Sm

Prism Arts is the driving force behind this year’s Carlisle Pageant!

The Puppet Pageant is going to feature life-size puppets of ten Unsung Women of Cumbria who will be accompanied by an array of puppets inspired by their lives. All of the puppets will be created with communities in Carlisle.

They will be creating puppets of a Unnamed Roman Woman, Lady Ann Clifford, Eliza Linton, Susanna Blamire, Sara Losh, Sarah Coleridge, Catherine Marshall, Kathleen Raven, Sheila Fell and Mable Farrar.

The Puppet Parade is on 1st September and starts at 2pm. Pop into Carlisle City Centre and grab your spot early!

Come and join us to help create some of the puppets!

Come to learn first-hand, some of the skills behind creating puppets ranging from; wig making, to pattern cutting, to block printing and tea drinking.

Every day between: Monday 13 August – Friday 17th August, 10am-3pm.
At Carlisle Business Interaction Centre, 4-5 Paternoster Row, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA3 8TT.

You can come for just one or all of the days, or even just part of the day. Please make sure you book.

If you know anyone who may wish to attend these workshops with a learning disability or autism please get in touch too.

Please book by email: or phone: 01228 587691

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