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42 minutes ago

Prism Arts

Artwork Spotlight
Mixed media textile piece by Molly, for the Weavers project.

Our artwork spotlight this week is the beautiful and vibrant piece by studio programme member, Molly. Created as part of the Weavers project, this textile artwork encompasses textural elements such as stitching and embellishments, with a kaleidoscope of abstract colours. An energetic piece full of movement and colour that demonstrates Molly’s interest in textile work.

Find out more about the Weavers project on our website: bit.ly/3suyBrj

-Katie, Lead Visual Artist

#visualarts #artsforall #textiles #mixedmedia

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3 days ago

Prism Arts

This video was created as part of the Prism Arts' Carlisle's Textile Revolution project. It is one of six created animations so keep an eye out for the 2nd one next week!

This project has explored Carlisle’s textile industry from the 1700s, looking at how the major changes in technology and transportation made Carlisle into one of the country’s major textile towns.
The project began in 2018 and over the course we have worked with many organisations and many people. Work has been created by people from our groups; Studio Arts, Studio Workshop and Creative Arts, as well as pupils from Distington Community School and Upperby Primary School.

During the COVID pandemic we commissioned Haltwhistle Film Project to turn the stories created by participants of Prism Arts Studio Workshop into animations. These stories were originally planned to be made into a piece of theatre, due to the pandemic we had to adapt our plan. We are so pleased to have such an amazing result from this work!
We are very excited to share these with you and hope you enjoy them.

The project is thanks to funding from National Lottery Heritage Fund
Carlisle City Council Cumbria County Council Discover Carlisle News & Star / The Cumberland News The Beacon Museum, Whitehaven
#artwithoutbarriers #animation #prismarts #carlisle

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our Travelling Stories project is travelling with its stories: Carlisle (with just a hint of Japanese ink), #travellingstories, @ikkartist,@BuxtonMuseum, @peopleatprism, @tulliehouse, ,https://www.prismarts.org.uk/travelling-stories/

We are so excited for our participants who are part of the Travelling Stories project!
Read our blog post - https://www.prismarts.org.uk/travelling-stories/

@TullieHouse @BuxtonMuseum @CarlisleCC @DiscoverCarlisl
#TravellingStories #artsforall #carlisle #cumbria #diverseartists #artwithoutbarriers

This video is part of the Prism Arts' Carlisle's Textile Revolution project. It is one of six created animations.
More info https://www.prismarts.org.uk/projects/uncovering-carlisles-textile-revolution/

@CarlisleCC @CumbriaCC @DiscoverCarlisl
#artwithoutbarriers #carlisle

Japanese prints of blossom and buildings inspires artists in Carlisle! The #TravellingStoiries artwork goes live! Thanks @TullieHouse and @peopleatprism. @BuxtonMuseum
Travelling Stories part one https://buxtonmuseumandartgallery.wordpress.com/2021/04/13/travelling-stories-part-one/ via @wordpressdotcom

We have read the Sewell Report.
This is our response.

Has institutional racism really gone away?


#multiculture #diaspora #suttonreport

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