Rebecca Hamilton

Primary Art Form: Drama

Professional Training & Experience:
BA Hons Degree in Performing Arts

Rehearsal for Carlisle Pageant

Approach to the work/professional ethos

I have been involved in the arts since a young age and have gained a lot from that experience. I am in a position now to give back to people and ensure that they can develop the same love for it that I gained. I strongly believe that anyone should be able to be involved in the arts if they have the passion and love for it. Which is why I value the work that I have been doing with Prism Arts as it allows people to access experiences they normally wouldn’t get the opportunity to be a  part of.

The main way in which I work is allowing the participant to develop their confidence and ability at their own pace, encouraging them all the way to ensure they know they have the capability to do whatever they put their minds too. I feel it’s very important to make sure the people I work with feel their inputs are valued, so no matter what the idea or contribution it is used in some way towards the final product created.

Recent Work


Rebecca assists with running Studio Theatre Carlisle. 

October/November 2016 – I assisted with and acted in the Studio Theatre production, Tales of a Long Conflict which toured around Cumbria.

August 2015 – I worked on was as a trainee artist on the Brewery Fusion project, a partnership project between Prism Arts and The Brewery Arts Centre. Ran by Prism Arts Lead Artist Ali McCaw and Vicki Maxfield the workshops involved the Brewery Arts Youth Theatre and some of Prism Arts Theatre Skills Participants to create a short performance to show at a seminar to highlight the importance of the arts in education and in society.

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