2017 begins…

30th January 2017

Studio Theatre West Coast Presents:
The Saga of Ernest Theatre Tour

Image Saga of EarnestErnest is alone, his family disappeared, his home burnt by the Viking raiders.
He sets off to find his family, unknown to him, he is being watched.
With only his love and determination he has to battle ice giants and monstrous birds in a and that is being torn apart.
He has till the next full moon to save his family and the world.

After researching their Viking heritage, Prism Arts Studio Theatre West worked with students from Distington Community School to create this Viking saga, they produced the story and the puppets.

This year the saga will be taken on tour and performed at schools and venues along the west coast of Cumbria and then taken back to the Isle of Man.

We are very thankful to Heritage Lottery Fund for funding this production.

Studio Arts Exhibition

Andrew Wright (5)This year Studio Arts will be celebrating their hard work with an exhibition at Tullie House as part of the Radical Craft, Alternative Ways of Working exhibition.

This is a touring exhibition from Craftspace and Outside In highlights the work of 34 international and UK artists who express their creativity beyond the bounds of taught convention, revolutionising the way we see modern craft.
The featured artists are either historically renowned and associated with the ‘Outsider Art’ genre or contemporary artists, many of whom are self-taught and see themselves as facing barriers to the art world for reasons including health, disability, social circumstance or isolation.

Studio Arts have been creating artwork in response to artefacts from Tullie Houses’s collection, which will be exhibited in a trail through Tullie House.

The exhibition is open from 11th Feb – 26th March 2017

Grand Finale of TLC: Tales of a Long Conflict

dsc_0198Touring for our production, TLC: Tales of a Long Conflict ended with a sell out show at the Old Fire Station in Carlisle on the 28th Nov.
It was an amazing way to end what proved to be a very successful tour.

Showing the human side of war, TLC: Tales of a Long Conflict was an hour long play consisting of seven stories, focusing on people’s relationships and the impact of war on people from all walks of life.

Audience feedback from the shows was incredibly encouraging.

“A moving portrayal of a very intensely difficult period of the battle. Well performed by all”

“Totally amazing – I need a hanky for my tears. Thank you!”

“Loved the authenticity of everything eg. Games, conversation etc.”

“Moving, powerful, but without sentimentality”

“I saw Prism perhaps 6 years ago – a real growth since then!”

Click here for more information about the show.

Studio Theatre Carlisle, 2017 Tour.

1b7b7b66-f5cb-4165-b450-5010beaf6a6cStudio Theatre Carlisle have already began excitingly working on the next tour.
The production is inspired by the border regiment’s 200 years of history with India and the Indian Subcontinent. The Studio Theatre company have been unearthing letters from wives and daughters of soldiers from archives to give insight into the impact that the British had on the Indian culture.
They have used these along with research from books to inspire drawings and storyboards to use to create the production.

Present from a Stranger

d681ec2f-51d4-416e-b107-f6ba3a92277eThese cards were made by Prism Arts Studio Arts group.
They were made to be part of Artist, Katarina Prior’s project Present from a Stranger. The project invites people every year to help spread some Christmas joy by handing out Christmas card to strangers on the street, each with a little bit of money in. The person is asked in the card to get in touch to let us know if it made them smile.

So far we have had two responses and a hug from the strangers who received our cards –

“My stepson was given a Christmas card by somebody on the streets of Penrith signed by Andrew. Firstly, I would like to say what a wonderful idea and thank you for spreading some Christmas cheer. My stepson who is 8 years old has decided to give the pound that was in the card to charity but hasn’t decided which one yet.
Secondly, he has asked me to write the following “Thank you for the card it was a very nice idea and made us all smile. I am going to give my pound to a charity. Please keep giving random people Christmas cards in the street so that lots more people can smile.”
I’d like to also by say please keep on giving out these cards because for me it is what Christmas should be about – spreading joy and happiness to others. Thank you again.”

“Many thanks for your card.
I have to say I’m always a little suspicious of people handing out things on the street, so it was a nice surprise to see it was genuine with nothing wanted in return. Even as an atheist, it shows the true spirit of Christmas. Your card is now on our mantelpiece. Just so you know, your £1 went to Penrith MRT who were out collecting today.
All the best for Christmas to you and your family.
Kind regards”

For more information about the project or to get involved visit – www.presentfromastranger.co.uk 

Meanwhile in the office….we are busy preparing for all the exciting things planned for 2017!
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