Different Strokes Art Exhibition

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Different Strokes is an installation collaboratively created by Creative Arts and Conversations to help celebrate 30 years of Prism Arts and portrays the member’s experiences and journeys since their first stroke.

It is currently being exhibited in Carlisle Library where it will be until the end of October.

The group meet weekly and focus on creativity and supporting one another.  When planning this installation, members agreed that in the early recovery stages of their strokes they would sit alone drinking a cup of tea with too much time to think.  Meeting others in a similar situation, developing their creativity and sharing stories and advice over tea and biscuits really made a difference, both to their recovery and general sense of wellbeing

They chose the imagery of tea to represent their recovery process as it encompasses themes of gaining strength and fellowship.

Teabags hang throughout the work depicting strength and words, which are common to stroke survivor’s experiences.  The teacups tell more of each person’s individual story or facts about strokes and represent the different mediums members use for their creativity.

The installation contains many words. Words and communicating were considered important in telling their story. Yet for some stroke survivors words are difficult and so no words are present.

They hope that the exhibition will help you to stop and consider the joy, friendship and support to be found in creativity over a shared cup of Tea!



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