Amanda Mudge

Primary Art Form: Ceramics & Painting

Years of Experience working in Primary Art Form: Ceramics 19 years, Painting 5 years



Professional Training & Experience:

My own artistic journey began in London whilst taking a degree in Social Anthropology and studying the Anthropology of Art. I am a mostly self taught artist interested in cross cultural issues and personal development and by the role of art within these contexts.

I began working in ceramics in London and continued when I moved to Cumbria. More recently I have studied painting through summer schools at Leith School of Art and The London Art Academy.

I worked in overseas development for several years and in support roles with elderly and homeless people and with people from overseas settling in the UK. I am currently focussed on developing my painting skills and exhibiting this work locally in Cumbria. I also run Something Precious, a successful business designing and selling my own porcelain jewellery. The business employs two people and I use the business to support a charity fighting human trafficking. Something Precious grew out of my work in ceramics, my love for working with colour and a desire to use my work to challenge social injustice.

Joining Prism Arts has given me a great opportunity to fuse together my many passions, work experience and artistic practice.


DSC_0387 (640x330)


Approach to the work/professional ethos

As an artist I am interested in transformation. It is inherent in the art making process and an essential part of life itself. I am fascinated and motivated by the power which art and creativity have to transform us from within, changing lives, perspectives and sometimes whole communities.

I believe art has the ability to help people express, process and understand their own and others stories. I see my life and work as a journey and my own artistic practice as a companion and tool to use along the way. I consider it a privilege when it can be used to help, encourage and connect with others on their own journey.


Recent Work

Amanda runs our Creative Arts and Conversations group

Different Strokes Installation. 2017
Exploring the story of recovering from a Stroke with the Prism Arts Creative Arts sessions for older people. The installation hung in Carlisle Library for several months.

Simply Wild. Thornthwaite Gallery 2017
An exhibition exploring the simplicity of painted line depicting the fleeting and joyful moments of briefly seeing animals in the wild.

The Not So Still Life. Thornthwaite Gallery 2017
An exhibition representing the active outdoor life in traditional still life compositions.

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