Job title:

Dan has two roles at Prism Arts;
Participant Support Lead
Facilitator Artist

Key areas of work:

Participant Support Lead; Working with our participants, Attending review meetings, Communicating with participants support networks (family, support agencies, etc.), working on our remote offer and projects.

Facilitator Artist; Working with Lead Artists to deliver Studio Arts and Studio Theatre sessions.


My role

Participant Support Lead; Working closely with our participants and their support network to give them the best experience at Prism Arts.
Working with participants and the artist team to work out how to best challenge our participants’ development throughout their time with us.

Facilitator Artist; Delivering creative sessions and workshops to our participants, as well as to people in the community.

Days I work 

Participant Support Lead; Tuesday and Thursday

Facilitator Artist; Monday and Friday.

Outside of work 

I have a fine art degree and masters qualification, 10 years’ experience as a theatre technician, learning disability support worker, and activities organiser. 

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