Job title:


Professional background

CEO Multicultural Cumbria.  
I feel passionately about making people feel welcomed to Cumbria.  With over seventy languages spoken here, I feel that we have an untapped goldmine of culture and heritage on our doorstep to be explored and celebrated.  Which is why I founded Culture Bazaar, a multicultural event that attracts thousands of visitors over the winter weekend.

Partner in HDM Spice Shop, halal asian grocery retailer in Carlisle since 2005.  This became a community hub where many people connected to others as a source of information and networking while buying spices!  Coming from an entrepreneurial family, I tend to be a jack of all trades and will try most things once.  

Outside of work

I love sewing, DIY, working on websites and trying different apps for collaborative working online.  

My idea of heaven is spending my time with my five grandchildren, and counting, aged fours down.
I love travelling to new places and trying new things. 

I have an honorary fellowship from University of Cumbria for my contribution to multiculturalism in Cumbria as well as winning several awards.

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