Prism Arts is an inclusive arts organisation. This means that we set up and run arts projects that are fully accessible to all. Our priority is to develop projects that enable disabled people, young people and older people to engage in the arts. Our projects are always delivered by professional artists; this means that the quality of our work is very high. Prism Arts is a charity and is based in Cumbria.

Our projects are shaped and led by our participants. Our work has significant impact on people’s lives in way that is beneficial to their health, wellbeing, creative development and confidence.

Prism Arts was established in 1987 by a group of five artists committed to developing opportunities for excluded people to participate in the arts. Over the years Prism Arts has also created opportunities for both local and national disabled artists to work and perform in Cumbria.
Our projects always seem to deliver something extraordinary and make a difference to the people who we work with. Our participants have also supported us to improve and develop Prism Arts.

We always want to hear from individuals, artists and organisations that would like to work with us.

Our office is open Monday to Thursday and we are always happy to discuss your ideas or the work that we do. Follow this link to sign up.



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