Environmental Policy

Prism Arts is committed to reducing, and avoiding where possible, operational activities which will negatively impact on the wider environment.

The organisation will:

  • Comply with existing regulatory requirements.
  • Review its operational practices to reduce its environmental impact.
  • Consider environmental factors when business developments are being planned
  • Increase employee awareness.

Environmental impact will be reduced by:

Using less paper

  • The use of paper and packaging will be minimised and where possible paper will be reused/recycled.
  • Recycled / recyclable paper products will be purchased where appropriate.
  • Electronic communication and recording systems will be used to replace paper based systems wherever possible.

Using less energy

  • Lights and electrical equipment will be switched off when not in use.
  • Heating will be monitored to reduce consumption.
  • Energy efficiency will inform new purchases.

Selecting and using office supplies efficiently:

  • Where appropriate environmentally efficient products will be bought.
  • Prism Arts will follow environmental guidelines for the safe disposal of electrical equipment and other resources.

Reducing the ‘carbon footprint’:

  • Prism Arts will promote the use of video/phone conferencing to reduce travel.
  • Public transport will be used when appropriate.
  • Employees will be encouraged to share transport whenever possible.
  • Where possible labour and materials will be locally sourced.
  • Energy usage will be monitored.

Increasing environmental awareness

  • Prism Arts Employees and Freelance Artists will be required to implement this policy.
  • Additional strategies which might be appropriate to adopt will be discussed with employees at team meetings.
  • This policy will be reviewed biannually.


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