We have an exciting programme of creative workshops for adults with learning disabilities and autism this July.

Over 2 weeks (19th – 30th July) there is a programme of 6 free workshops you can book. There are limited places available.

Information about each workshop can be found below.

If you have any questions or would like to book please get in touch.

Email: offfice@prismarts.org.uk
Phone: 01228 587691

(We also have a Youth Theatre sessions for 10-19 year olds, for more information CLICK HERE)

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Summer School Programme
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Street Art

When: Monday 19th OR Monday 26th

9.30am – 3.30pm

Run by: Martin Evans

The aim of these two workshops is to have fun with paint and the tools for painting. We will work in a loose style using acrylic paint, spray paint and other materials. Large brushes, rollers and wipes are some of the tools we will use to paint a favourite landscape in a colourful and expressive style. You will be asked to bring a picture of a landscape that means something to you to inspire your painting.
We will have at least one finished piece to show at the end of the two workshops.


When: Tuesday 20th and Tuesday 27th

9.30am – 3.30pm

Run by: Ian Douglas and Jane Dudman

During these two workshops you are invited to star in your own story, working with Ian and Jane to experiment with character, narrative, speech and recording. We will then put the stories together to create a trail where we will perform, speak, write or picture our collective story.At our final exhibition members of the public will be able to listen to and experience our extraordinary tale.

Dance and Film in Motion

When: Wednesday 21st

9.30am – 3.30pm

Run by: Susie Tate and Nick Greenall

During this one day workshop you will work with experienced dance and wellbeing artist Susie Tate and filmmaker Nick Greenall to explore your own movement and how this might be presented using the medium of film. There will be emphasis on expression, movement and reacting to stimulus with dance, as well as more technical opportunities to learn some film techniques.


When: Thursday 22nd

9.30am – 12pm OR 1pm – 3.30pm

Run by: Geoff Bartholomew

During this half day workshop (you can pick morning or afternoon) we will sing and play, thinking about the different parts of music (rhythm, melody, and more) and how we can use them to make new music together. There will be some interesting instruments to have a go with, and we will learn about music from different countries (Samba from Brazil, Gamelan from Indonesia) by playing it. We will listen to each other and tell our stories through music. Sometimes we will be leaders, and sometimes followers. We will think about some of our favourite music and make a playlist of it. At the end, we will share a group performance and celebrate our musical journey together!

Creating a Comic Character and their World.

When: Thursday 29th and Friday 30th

9.30am – 3.30pm

Run by: Steven Appleby

These two workshop will be based around having ideas, creating characters, creating worlds, and telling stories – from tiny ones to large scale.
Steven will set creative – and fun – drawing exercises to help you use your own interests and experiences to create a character, the character’s world and their adventure.
The aim will be for everyone to end up with a series of sequential drawings (a comic strip, in the broadest sense) as an end result. So we’ll look at time-based moments of change such as before and after; day and night; full and empty; happy and sad… as well as expressions, body language, likes and dislikes, location and so on.
There’ll be an emphasis on being expressive with drawing rather than on technical skill. In other words : wonky drawing is fine! As is having fun, messing about and generally enjoying ourselves as we play about with images, themes and stories.


When: Friday 23rd and Friday 30th.

9.30am – 3.30pm

Run by: Kate Robinson

During this two-day workshop we will explore how we move through the world in different ways and will devise theatre around the word ‘flow’. What can our bodies do and achieve, how do we flow through the world, what happens when we meet people as we are floating along? Finishing the two days with a short performance created by you.