Harvey is a young adult who attends our Studio Arts and Studio Theatre programmes.

Harvey has a life limiting condition. He joined our Studio Theatre programme to continue his love of theatre. Over the years he has been with us he has also discovered a passion for visual arts and now also attends our Studio Arts programme. 

“Over the past five years at Prism Arts I have spent more and more time drawing and developing my own style. Since the Studio Arts programme began in 2016 I have chosen to focus more and more on the visual arts, especially drawing. I’d like the chance to experiment a bit more with different media and develop my style further.”

During Harvey’s time with us, we are making sure to work with him to realise his dreams and aspirations. He has acted in several productions which have toured the main theatres in Cumbria, boosting his confidence and developing his acting skills.


His drawings have been used to inspire the stories in these theatre productions.

His artwork has been enjoyed by tens of thousands of people in many exhibitions in galleries and other public spaces. He was also commissioned to create an image for our Youth Theatre promotional leaflet. 

As Harvey completes each project and commission we see how his confidence grows and his anxieties reduce.

“I draw a lot and like to draw patterns. I find it very relaxing and that it helps relieve my anxieties.”

Recently, Harvey and two other members of Studio Arts worked with Claire Sleightholm, the Project Curator at Tullie House to curate their own exhibition in the George Howard Gallery in Old Tullie House. The exhibition, Culture Collide, is a year-long display of art from Tullie House’s collection, chosen by the three participants. The project gave them the opportunity to learn about curating as well as learning about the objects in Tullie’s collection.

The group was so inspired by the project they went on to create a body of work in response to the project which was exhibited in Tullie House Community Gallery.

Harvey is excited to be part of Prism Arts, to have the opportunity to see his imagination come to life and be able to share his creativity with the world.


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