What is A Picture of Me?
‘A Picture of Me’ is a creative exploration of self.
Participants are finding their voice and discovering their own story in this new and exciting 8 week programme for young adults with autism and learning disabilities.
Working with specialist artists, they are learning how to uncover their own story in a series of hands on workshops.
There are three programmes running, giving participants the opportunity to share their story through either dance & film, street art or storytelling. 

Participants will:

  • Craft their own stories in a safe inclusive environment.
  • Generate blog posts around progress, insights and feedback
  • Collaborate on the final sharing event, including narration, technical
    aspects of the filming or presentation skills.
  • Develop an increased awareness of the different aspects and the work involved in creating artwork and sharing it publicly.

Sharing opportunities.

The three programmes will each have their own sharing opportunity, giving the participants the chance to share what they have created with the public. 

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