Carlisle Puppet Pageant 2018

Carlisle Pageant 2018 “The March of the Unsung Women”

Stuart Walker Photography 2018

The March for the Unsung Woman was the theme of this year’s Puppet Parade. Produced by Prism Arts in partnership with Carlisle City Council, it was held on Saturday 1 September. The Pageant Parade started at the Civic Centre, Rickergate at 2pm and made its way up Scotch Street towards the city centre and the Old Town Hall.

The theme coincided with the 100-year anniversary of The People’s Act. The Puppet Pageant featured life-size puppets of ten Unsung Women of Cumbria who were accompanied by an array of puppets inspired by their lives. All the puppets will be created with communities in Carlisle. Puppets where created of a Unnamed Roman Woman, Lady Ann Clifford, Eliza Linton, Susanna Blamire, Sara Losh, Sarah Coleridge, Catherine Marshall, Kathleen Raven, Sheila Fell and Mable Farrar.

Workshops were held with; St Bedes Catholic Primary School, James Rennie School, Upperby Primary School, Carlisle Youth Zone, Young Carers, Tullie House Museum, Music Links, Blue Jam Arts, older people, stroke survivors, families, emerging diverse artists, Prism Youth Theatre, children and young people with disabilities, students, Artists, Carlisle Women’s Group, community volunteers to plan, design, produce and perform on the day.  Over 200 people took part in workshops.

109 people in the parade, 3,000 audience and 1,300 volunteer hours.

“My husband passed away in February, coming to volunteer making puppets has been so wonderful – I feel so much better.  Actually I think you have done more for me than I have for you!” Volunteer

Stuart Walker Photography 2018



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