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“The popular George Howard Gallery in Old Tullie House has been reimagined in a collaborative exhibition with Prism Art Studio Arts”

Three of our Studio Arts group, John, Jonathan and Harvey have worked with the Claire Sleightholm, Project Curator at Tullie House to curate their own exhibition in the George Howard Gallery in Old Tullie House. The exhibition, Culture Collide, is a year-long display which will give visitors a chance to explore an entirely new approach to Tullie House’s fine and decorative art collections.

This opportunity arose as some of the Pre-Raphelite paintings normally on show in the gallery are on tour in Japan; this proved to be an exciting starting point and led the team to explore the similarities between the apparently very different cultures of the United Kingdom and Japan.

By exploring the museum’s collections, the artists discovered a host of connections between Carlisle and Japan. They curated a selection of objects with local resonance as well as objects from Japan to explore important themes that connected the two cultures; Creature Comforts, Vibrant Industry and Natural Beauty.

Work on display include objects from Japan alongside work by Thomas Bushby, Sheila Fell, Utagawa Hiroshige, Katsushika Hokusai, and Percy Kelly.

Claire Sleightholm, Project Curator at Tullie House:
“It has been a real pleasure to work with these artists as guest curators on Cultures Collide. This process has offered up new ways of looking at familiar favourites from the collections and reconsider works that have not been displayed for a while, or ever.”

Cultures Collide: The Journey Continues
The artists were so inspired by their experience working with the museum collections that they wanted to continue the work they’d started, creating their own work in response to the exhibition they’d created.

This work went on display in Tullie House’s Community Gallery from 10th June – 14th July 2019.

Project Partner: Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery Trust

Artform: Visual Art

Artists: Helen Walsh

People involved: Prism Arts Studio Arts

Dates: 18th March 2019 – 26th Jan 2020

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