Trust Me I’m an Artist

Artforms: Performance, Music, Dance, Writing

Participants: Older Adults ward at Cumberland Infirmary.

Date: Jan 19 – Sept 19

Trust me I’m an Artist is a new Healing Arts project funded by the Arts Council England to introduce participatory arts to wards at Cumberland Infirmary.   It is a partnership project working with Prism Arts and Tullie House Museum and Gallery.

A cross arts project that involves puppetry, music, written word and dance, Trust Me I’m an Artist is designed for older adults on ward Willow A, then later in the project, moving to the children’s ward and Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU).  

The artists have been visiting on Willow A since January and working with patients to create a range of fanciful, exciting and often very humorous stories.  The artists guide the work, but the patient’s ideas lead the way so allow the stories take a life of their own!

The stories will be used as a starting point for a performance taking place in July.  There will be an open rehearsal in the Atrium, performances on wards, and in the community at Tullie House and at the Unity Festival in Carlisle city centre.

The final phase will be a 4-day residency on the children’s ward and SCBU where children and families will be exploring ideas from the performance through music and dance.

The project is working closely with the occupational therapy and physiotherapy teams to share practice and help in the national development of arts in health taking place in acute settings, and in the development of the Healing Arts programme.

Primary project aims:
For patients: 
To help lift mood, alleviate boredom, and give a sense of worth through contributing to the development of new creative work.
Offer a new way into exercise though dance.
The project will ‘signpost’ patients to similar activities taking place in the community should they wish to join a group when back home. 

For staff: 
To see patients interact in a new way with the artists,
To offer ideas of different ways of engaging with patients.
To bring something enjoyable and different to their working day.


Performance dates:
Open rehearsal Wednesday July 10th, Cumberland Infirmary Atrium, 3.00 – 4.00pm
Ward visits Thursday July 11th

Friday July 12th: Tullie House
Lecture demonstration for healthcare professionals, 10.30 – 12.00,
Performance for the public and community groups, 1.30 – 3.00pm

Saturday July 13th
Unity Festival, Carlisle City Centre 


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